Dark Star of Itza

Dark Star of Itza

The Story of A Pagan Princess

by Alida Sims Malkus, Lowell Houser (Illustrator)
1st Edition, ©1930, Item: 75266
Hardcover, 217 pages
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This is one of the scarcest of the Newbery Honor Books. It was published in 1930 and is a 1931 Newbery Honor Book. It is set in "Chichen Itza, largest city of the Maya people, Yucatan, Mexico" circa 1250 A.D. Nicte' is the daughter of the high priest, and the book focuses on her as it tells the story of the downfall of Chichen Itza (according to the theories current in 1930).

The story of a Mayan princess who lived at the time the ancient city of Chichen Itza fell under Toltec rule. It portrays the way of life in the Mayan cities of ancient Yucatán.

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