Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone

by James Daugherty
Publisher: Viking Press
1st Edition, ©1939, ISBN: 9781887840125
Hardcover, 95 pages
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James Daugherty has dipped his pen and his brush into our nation's past and brought forth a dynamic character whose life and adventures are more exciting than the shadowy legend his name brings to mind.

Daniel Boone was a farmer who couldn't stay put. Something was always pulling him westward into new and mysterious lands, and when this pull got so strong that he could no longer ignore it, and his wife and children could not persuade him to stay, he just went, with his toes pointing into the West and his eyes glued to the hills.

The rugged sweep which has always distinguished Mr. Daugherty's illustration and painting distinguishes his epic prose here as well, and makes for perfect portrayal of the vigorous character of Daniel Boone. It is interesting to recall that among the first book illustrations which Mr. Daugherty ever did were his interpretations of this same character for Stewart Edward White's Daniel Boone.

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