Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone

The Opening of the Wilderness

Sterling Point Books
by John Mason Brown
Trade Paperback, 159 pages
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Historical Setting: 1734-1820 A.D., American Wilderness

The story of America's greatest frontiersman...travel with Daniel Boone through the wilderness.

The colonists have won the American Revolution, but now face unknown dangers west of the Appalachian Mountains. Who will lead this Western expansion? Meet one of America's first frontier heroes, Daniel Boone, as he guides the first settlers through the Cumberland Gap and into the vast but perilous lands beyond.

Kentucky native John Mason Brown introduces us to this skilled and clever woodsman who felt crowded as more townships developed. Always seeking new territory, Boone pushed on from Kentucky, drawn by the beauties of nature, until he reached the Rocky Mountains. Readers will enjoy the company of this brave man who fought wild animals, was captured by Indians, and ultimately made an honorable peace with them.

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