Daniel Boone: The Opening of the Wilderness

Daniel Boone: The Opening of the Wilderness

Landmark #21
by John Mason Brown
Publisher: Random House
©1952, Item: 28104
Hardcover, 181 pages
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"This is the Indians' hunting ground," said the Shawnee chief. "If you come here again, the wasp and yellow jackets will sting!"

For any man but Daniel Boone that would have been warning enough. But nothing could stop Daniel -not the threat of the sting of wasps, not the memory of running the gauntlet when the Indians captured him.

There was always something that kept Daniel Boone on the move. First it was the French and Indian War. Then it was the Warriors' Path into the wilderness beyond the secret door in the mountains. From North Carolina to Florida to Kentucky to Missouri -he was always on the move, always looking for elbowroom.

That was almost 200 years ago, and most people thought America had elbow-room to spare. But for Daniel Boone any neighborhood was too crowded when a half dozen cabins could be seen in the clearing. And as he pushed his way through the wilderness, he had narrow escapes a-plenty -sometimes from crafty bands of Indians, sometimes from cruel white men who were eager to destroy him.

John Mason Brown, noted author and drama critic, has made Daniel Boone and his times come to life in the pages of this book. Vividly, he sets the stage and dramatically recounts the exciting adventures of the most famous of wilderness scouts.

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