Dandelion Fire

Dandelion Fire

100 Cupboards Book #2
by N. D. Wilson
Publisher: Random House
Library Binding, 466 pages
List Price: $19.99 Our Price: $17.00

When Henry York discovered ninety-nine magical cupboards behind the plaster of his bedroom wall, he also uncovered a secret about his past. As a baby he fell through one of the cupboards into this world and was adopted by the people he calls his parents. His real mother and father and six brothers live somewhere inside one of the worlds of the cupboards, and Henry longs to find them.

But with the evil witch Nimiane on the loose (accidentally, thanks to Henry), and a crazed man named Darius out to get him, finding the truth about his parentage will not be easy. The magic of the cupboards is as unpredictable as the nature of the worlds themselves. Henry, and then his aunt and uncle and cousins, are plunged into worlds full of demon witches and Faeren and wizards in the quest to find Henry's parents. But first Henry must come to terms with a strange power that courses through his blood, a power inherited from his true father.

A power that crackles like dandelion fire.

This second book in the100 Cupboardstrilogy takes Henry and his family out of the real world and sends them tumbling into the fantastic, chilling, and strange worlds inside the cupboards. There they meet tons of fabulous and quirky characters; the businesslike and bureaucratic Faeren, the powerful wizards, the bloodthirsty demon witches. The book is fast-paced and thrilling as it introduces magical concepts and ideas that start off familiar but have their own unique twist.
The tight-knit family weathers this magical adventure together, and this makes the book touching and unique in a way seldom seen in children's literature.Dandelion Fireexpands the world of100 Cupboardsas it explores the same themes of being unafraid to take risks and get your hands dirty—but also the importance of having your family's support along the way.
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  Dandelion Fire
HappyHomemaker of Oregon, 2/16/2012
Be prepared to be drawn in through these cupboards and not want to come up for air! The second in the 100 Cupboards Trilogy, Dandelion Fire follows Henry as he seeks to find his identity in the world inside the cupboards. But he's not alone. Everyone has their place in this story, and no one can defeat evil by themselves.
New characters are introduced along the way, and as always, N.D. Wilson uses words in delightful and unexpected ways.
You might want to get this along with the third book, The Chestnut King, because if you don't you'll be making a quick trip back to Exodus!