Dancing Shoes

Dancing Shoes

by Noel Streatfeild
Publisher: Yearling
Mass market paperback, 202 pages
Price: $7.99
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When Cora Wintle goes to pick up her orphaned niece, Rachel, she discovers that Rachel's adopted sister, Hilary, would be perfect for her dancing troupe! The only problem is that Hilary might be as good as her own precious daughter, Dulcie. Still, she's determined to take sulky Rachel and sprightly Hilary and make them into Little Wonders!

But Rachel doesn't want to be a Little Wonder! She can't dance, and she'd rather die than wear the ruffly costume. Not only that, she doesn't want Hilary to be a Little Wonder either. She had promised her mother that she would make sure Hilary danced with the Royal Ballet. Nothing seems to be going as planned, until Rachel discovers her talent for acting . . .

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FLAWS: Attitude
Summary: Orphans Rachel and Hillary try to find their way in the ballet world under strict Aunt Cora.

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