Daily Phonics Grade 2

Daily Phonics Grade 2

Consumable Workbook, 208 pages
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Provide explicit, systematic phonics instruction and practice in just 15 to 20 minutes a day! Daily Phonics, Grade 2 helps students in second grade—including students learning English—develop the phonics skills necessary to become proficient, on-grade-level readers.

The 32 weekly units in grade 2 cover:

  • Alphabet Review
  • Initial and Final Consonants: b, f, m, s, k, p
  • Initial and Final Consonants: d, n, r, g, t, l
  • Short Vowel Sounds: a, i
  • Short Vowel Sounds: e, o, u
  • CVC Words
  • Long Vowel Sounds
  • CVCe Pattern
  • Syllabication
  • Long Vowel Sounds of y
  • Initial Consonant Blends: st, sk, sw, sp
  • Initial Consonant Blends: fl, gl, sl, pl, cr, fr, tr, gr
  • Final Consonant Blends: lt, st, nt, mp, nd, ft, ld, nk
  • Initial and Final Consonant Digraphs: sh, ch, wh, th
  • Consonant Digraphs: ph, gh, ck, ng
  • R-Controlled Vowels: ar, or, ur, er, ir
  • The Sounds of c, g
  • Long a Vowel Digraphs: ai, ay
  • Long e Vowel Digraphs: ee, ea
  • Long i Spellings: ie, igh
  • Long o Vowel Digraphs: oa, oe, ow
  • Long u Vowel Digraphs: ue, ew
  • Long Vowel Digraphs Review: ai, ay, ee, ea, ie, igh, oa, ow, ew, ue
  • Diphthongs: ou, ow
  • Diphthongs: oi, oy
  • The Sounds of oo
  • Silent Letters: k, w, l, b
  • Plural Forms: s, es, ies
  • Irregular Plurals
  • Verb Endings: Inflectional: -ing, -ed
  • Prefixes: dis-, re-, un-
  • Suffixes: -ful, -less, -ly
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