Daily Language Review 5

Daily Language Review 5

by JoEllen Moore
Consumable Workbook, 128 pages
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Daily Language Review, Grade 5 is loaded with focused practice exercises.

Weekly units presented in a Monday–Thursday format that includes:

  • two sentences to edit, including corrections in punctuation, capitalization, spelling, grammar and vocabulary
  • three items that practice a variety of language and reading skills

Friday practice cycles through five formats:

  • language usage
  • identifying and correcting mistakes
  • combining sentences
  • choosing reference materials
  • figurative speech (similes, metaphors)

The short daily lessons may be approached in several ways:

  • Make overhead transparencies and conduct the lessons as an oral activity with the entire class.
  • Reproduce the pages for individuals or partners to work independently.
  • Check the answers as a group using the overhead transparency.
  • Occasionally use a lesson to test how individuals are progressing in their acquisition of skills.
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