The Story of a Plain Hound-dog

by Ruth Sawyer, Robert Frankenberg (Illustrator)
©1964, Item: 51055
Hardcover, 100 pages
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This is the story of a plain hound-dog, told as only a great storyteller could tell it. It is also the story of remembered summers in Maine when two children and a dog made an inseparable trio.

Daddles was a rabbit hound—in other words a beagle—though this didn't make much difference to Snoodie and Peterkin. They explained to Daddles that they didn't want rabbits—all they wanted was a dog. So he stayed with them each summer until the rabbit season began, when he was obliged to work for his original owner, a mean man who turned out to be dangerous, too.

The adventures of Daddles and his adopted family make fine reading. It's the kind of reading, with lots of fun but also a twinge of sadness, that you know is exactly true to real life.

With illustrations by Robert Frankenberg

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