D. L. Moody

D. L. Moody

by Kevin Belmonte
Trade Paperback, 208 pages
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A plainspoken follower of Jesus, Dwight L. Moody embodies passionate, unflinching obedience to God.

It's 1860, the eve of America's Gilded Age. A man in a gray, woolen suit stands in a dilapidated building in Chicago's "Little Hell," a slum forgotten by the world. He is surrounded by grimy children, attentive and watchful in this makeshift school Moody established just for them. They are waiting for Abraham Lincoln to speak.

Why America's greatest President and one of America's most celebrated spiritual giants are among the poorest of the poor is just the beginning of D. L. Moody, a biography with a novel-like narrative style that unveils the eternal power one life can have.

Part of the Christian Encounters series, this book reintroduces the unlikely accomplishments of a man desperate to obey God's call and shows how one committed heart can impact the kingdom of God and the spiritual heritage of a nation.

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