Cut, Crease, Create Snowflakes

Cut, Crease, Create Snowflakes

Publisher: Melissa & Doug Toys
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Follow the surprisingly simple instructions to cut, fold, and transform each brightly patterned sheet with paper folding crafts for kids. Stunning paper sculptures are just a snip-snip-snip away! A unique addition to Melissa & Doug's collection of arts and crafts for kids and a perfect complement to our origami set, this kids' craft kit contains 20 amazing paper-cutting projects on gorgeous patterned paper. Each page is its own craft--with visual instructions at the top and easy-to-follow dashes and lines in the project area to guide each fold and cut. Just find your favorite pair of scissors and pick from a huge variety of snowflakes to cut and create--everything but the scissors is in this paper craft kit. Makes a great kids' party favor!

Dimensions: 9"L x 6"W Packaged

Recommended Ages: 6+ years

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