Cursive First

Cursive First

An Introduction to Cursive Penmanship

by Elizabeth FitzGerald
2nd Edition, ©2004, ISBN: 9780974492018
32 pages
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Why Cursive First?

History proves and experts are rediscovering that teaching cursive first—before print or manuscript—improves long-term penmanship skills, helps children learn to read, virtually eliminates reversals, and enables children to read what is written by others. Cursive First introduces children to writing numerals, the cursive alphabet, and the most common phonograms of the English language. The package coordinates with the instruction found in Wanda Sanseri's highly successful Spell to Write and Read and The WISE Guide, and can be used with the beginning writer or an older student transitioning from print to cursive.

Included with Cursive First:

  • The Teacher Manual includes discussion and instruction about the rationales for teaching cursive first, developmental considerations, the sequence of teaching with the beginning or transitioning writer, and advice for detecting visual and perceptual problems.
  • The Practice Sheets include detailed instruction and dialogue for teaching numerals, cursive strokes, and the first 26 phonograms, and can be used as masters to reproduce as many times as needed for each child in the classroom or family.
  • The Card Set includes instruction cards for teaching penmanship, and provides practice for reading numerals and the first 26 phonograms in cursive to encourage instant recall.

Advantages or Cursive First:

  • Multiple age adaptability
  • Efficient paper use
  • Lower-case letters taught separately
  • Clockface reference tool use
  • Narrow-ruled practice pages
  • Cost-effective & reproducible
  • Numeral writing instruction
  • Coordinates with The WISE Guide
  • Motor patterns are reinforced

Please Note! This package is designed to be used with SWR, and you will need a set of the 70 Basic Phonograms for it to be complete.

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