Curious George

Curious George

by H. A. Rey
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
36th printing, ©1969, ISBN: 9780395150238
Trade Paperback, 56 pages
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This famous children's book is the first of seven books by Rey (although there are many other George books by others) about a monkey who is brought to the U. S. from Africa and who seems to have a penchant for getting into trouble. But, his curiosity keeps leading into new adventures and learning new things. From trying to fly to calling the fire department to floating high above the city under a bunch of balloons, George's adventures are a joy to read.

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Summary: A little monkey named George discovers new adventures when he arrives in the United States.

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  Curious George
Anna Banana of Conyers, GA, 8/5/2016
It was funny when George walked on the telephone wires! I liked the part where he was playing with the telephone and accidentally called the fire department too! George is a curious monkey and is always getting into trouble.