Cultural Atlas for Young People: Ancient Maya & Aztec Civilizations

Cultural Atlas for Young People: Ancient Maya & Aztec Civilizations

by Marion Wood, Brian Williams (Editor)
Publisher: Facts On File
3rd Edition, ©2007, ISBN: 9780816068203
Hardcover, 96 pages
Price: $35.00
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Long before the arrival of Columbus in 1492, brilliant civilizations flourished in North and South America. The story of these diverse cultures is presented in this book. The atlas is divided into two sections.

The History of North America focuses on the various peoples of present-day Canada and the United States. From the Inuit of the Arctic to the Plains Indians, the cultures and lifestyles of Native North Americans are presented. Topics include the burial Mound Builders, the Great Plains, and Hopi ritual drama.

The History of Latin America discusses the ancient peoples from present-day Mexico to the tip of South America. In addition to the Aztec and Inca, the Olmec, Maya, and Toltec are also discussed. Topics include the Aztec capital, controlling the Inca Empire, and Andean textiles.

Full-color maps and illustrations and clearly-written text all work together to provide a vivid picture of life in ancient America.

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