Cultural Atlas for Young People: Africa

Cultural Atlas for Young People: Africa

by Jocelyn Murray, Sean Sheehan (Editor)
Publisher: Facts On File
3rd Edition, ©2007, ISBN: 9780816068265
Hardcover, 96 pages
Price: $35.00

This book brings to life the rich and varied history and culture of the African continent. Through text, illustrations and photos, maps, and charts, the reader gains an understanding of the ancient kingdoms of Africa as well as the place the continent holds in the modern world.

Although most of Africa has been known to the rest of the world for little more than 200 years, it has a rich and varied history extending back many centuries before the arrival of Europeans. Africa was a cradle of civilization and the home of the world's first agriculturists.

The atlas is divided into two sections: Part One examines the story of the continent prior to written records through the ancient Greek and Roman periods to the emergence of present-day African cultures and societies. This rich history is brought to life with vivid illustrations, and supporting maps identify specific themes or topics in the main text.

Part Two looks at the countries and peoples of modern Africa. Maps provide details of towns, cities, rivers, country borders, and much more.

Specialized sections include information on the African slave trade; the spread of Islam in Africa; religions, peoples, and languages of Africa; education and literacy; African art; and music and dance.

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