Cruel as the Grave

Cruel as the Grave

Justin de Quincey Mysteries, book 2
by Sharon Kay Penman (Author)
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Trade Paperback, 242 pages
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Historical Setting: April 1193, England

England's King Richard Lionheart languishes in a German prison, and treason scents the air. Richard's younger brother, John, seizes Windsor Castle, and Dowager Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine summons her trusted personal "queen's man," Justin de Quincy, to do the impossible - mediate a truce with her rebel son.

Amid such fateful events, the murder of a Welsh peddler's daughter seems small. But the cruel demise of the beautiful Melangell so troubles Justin that not even a threatened French invasion can keep him from investigating her death. Yet can he bring Melangell"s craven killer to justice?

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