Crown of Honour

Crown of Honour

by L. Erkelens
Trade Paperback, 188 pages
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Although life in the orphanage was becoming unbearable for Arriaantje, one bright spot remained for her: the school. She was among the best of the students and took home proof of that. It gave her confidence that later on she would be allowed to go to college.

Arriaantje did not understand it was out of concern for her that a decision was made that for the time being she would be working in the orphanage. She thought it was to save on a maid. But the reason was, she was getting older, and with that came the danger that she would lose her decency. That was why she was to be kept inside the safety of these walls as much as possible. Later, this decision could always be reconsidered.

But in the child's big blue eyes a longing glowed which became stronger and stronger as she heard of the things that were happening beyond the gate. Then she begged one more time, "Please, send me to the home economics school, Mother. I will really do my best. Didn't I bring home an excellent report card?"

Even though it broke the house mother's heart, the answer remained, "No. It's better this way, Ariaantje. Later you will understand. Now you may help me."

A moving story of a girl who is searching for answers about the mystery of her life.

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