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Art and the Bible
by Francis A. Schaeffer
from InterVarsity Press
for 11th-Adult
Art for God's Sake
by Philip Graham Ryken
from P&R Publishing
for 10th-Adult
Calvinistic Concept of Culture
by Henry R. Van Til
2nd edition from Baker Academics
for 11th-Adult
in Art & Culture (Location: I)
Echoes of Eden
by Jerram Barrs
from Crossway Books
for 10th-Adult
It Was Good
by Ned Bustard, editor
2nd edition from Square Halo Books
for 10th-Adult
Performing the Sacred
by Dale Savidge, Todd E. Johnson
from Baker Academics
Plowing In Hope
by David Hegeman
2nd edition from Canon Press
Scribbling in the Sand
by Michael Card
from InterVarsity Press
for 10th-Adult