Cranky Blue Crab

Cranky Blue Crab

by Dawn L. Watkins
Saddle-stitched, 29 pages
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Crusty the Crab exclaims, "I'm bored with this place/ And its limited range./ I think I'll live out/ On the land for a change." Restless and unhappy, he leaves his seaside home under Jaggedy Ledge to look for adventure.

As he travels across Sea Meadow he meets good-natured Fleabus O'Tooley, Beetle Brightknee, and the lovely Flutterby. But he doesn't appreciate their kind patience, even when they help him to survive a scuffle with swarming bees. Finally he nears a dark hedge on the other side of the meadow and runs into trouble with Finefur the Sly. After a narrow escape engineered by his new friends, he realizes that happiness comes more from what you are than from where you live.

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