Cracking the GED Test, 2018 Edition

Cracking the GED Test, 2018 Edition

Proven techniques from the test-prep experts

by The Princeton Review
Publisher: Princeton Review
Trade Paperback, 814 pages
Price: $23.00

Cracking the GED, 2017 doesn't try to teach you everything there is to know about English, mathematics, social studies or science—only the strategies and information you'll need to score higher on the GED. In Cracking the GED, you'll learn how to think like the test writers and...

  • Master the subject matter most likely to appear on the test
  • Use Process of Elimination and other proven techniques for maximizing your score
  • Save time on tough algebra problems with Backsolving
  • Ace the test without needlessly memorizing hundreds of facts

All sections of the GED are covered, including the essay. Hone your skills with numerous drills and detailed explanations for every question, including new, clearer explanations for practice test questions. Cracking the GED also includes two GED practice tests. All of its practice test questions are just like those on the actual test.

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