by Virginia Hamilton
Publisher: Philomel Books
First Impression, ©1990, ISBN: 9780399221644
Library Binding, 125 pages
Current Retail Price: $17.99
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The story of eleven-year-old Cammy, who must come to grips with the sudden death of her cousin and rival, Patty Ann. "Another wise, beautifully written book from this well-established master."--Kirkus

Being cousins doesn't mean you'll be friends....

Cammy loves her family -- except for her cousin Patty Ann. Though she knows she shouldn't feel this way, she can't help it. Patty Ann is too perfect to like, too perfect to be a friend.

Then one day something terrible happens, something that can't be changed. That's when Cammy learns the truth about Patty Ann, and about family love -- and forgiveness.

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