CopyWorkBook: Comedies of William Shakespeare

CopyWorkBook: Comedies of William Shakespeare

by Amy M. Edwards, Christina J. Mugglin, William Shakespeare
Publisher: Blue Sky Daisies
Consumable Workbook, 203 pages
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The CopyWorkBook series from Blue Sky Daisies makes it easy to add a little copywork to your school schedule. The CopyWorkBook: Comedies of William Shakespeare includes quotes and selections from each of Shakespeare's comedy plays.

In this edition of The CopyWorkBook, lines are provided for students to copy the quotation using the penmanship style of their choice.

Copywork is more than penmanship practice, however. Copying the words of Shakespeare trains the ear for the melody of beautiful English, the mind for the contemplation of reasoned rhetoric, and the heart for the language of love--to say nothing of the soul for wit.

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