Copper Kings of Montana

Copper Kings of Montana

Landmark #95
by Marian T. Place
Publisher: Random House
Item: 41162
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Marcus Daly, the Irish lad who became a mining tycoon... William Andrews Clark, the wealthy mine owner who was determined to be a Congressman... Frederick Augustus Heinze, the unscrupulous opportunist…

These were three of the men who dug their fortunes out of the “richest hill on earth,” and The Copper Kings of Montana vigorously recalls their stories and the saga of rip-roaring Butte.

When Marcus Daly alighted from a stagecoach onto the streets of Butte, he had no idea of the rich, unexplored copper deposits that lay under his feet—or the tremendous profits he would reap from their exploitation. Nor could Clark, the social climbing banker, realize that his own fortune would be immensely multiplied through the discovery of copper. And neither man foresaw the threat that Augustus Heinze would eventually present with his use of bribery, loopholes in the law and the clever manipulation of Butte’s minors.

Since childhood Marian Place has heard tales about the successes, gambles and feuds of these pioneers of the copper shafts. Now in this book she vividly describes their colorful adventures for her readers.

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