Continent We Live On

Continent We Live On

Landmark Giant #2
by Ivan T. Sanderson, Anne Terry White (Adapter)
Publisher: Random House
©1961, Item: 81464
Hardcover, 211 pages
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A famous naturalist acts as your guide on this fascinating journey throughout the length and breadth of North America, uncovering thousands of the wonders to be found on this great continent. Illustrated with 160 photographs and many maps.


About the original text:

This picture-and-text view of our North American continent by the eminent natural scientist is the result of a thirty-year old idea and a recent trip (1959) designed to fulfill it. Its purpose, a picture and text, non-technical presentation of the New World, presented "on an ecological framework" where environment is as important as its organisms but where man and man-made works have been excluded, has been admirably fulfilled. Over and above the excellence of the text, the detail—and the amplitude (140,000 words), there is the visual excitement of the photographs (235 with 109 in color) which are the work of a great many outstanding professionals, Eisenstaedt, Feininger, Schulthess, etc. among them—not to omit the fine work of the Audubon Society staff. From the Arctic, south through the states by sections, west, and down to Mexico, Sanderson gives an overall view of the general topographical, geological, physical features along with the flora, fauna and fowl but concentrates on the most remarkable aspects of this continent—so much of it still untouched and unequaled in its infinite variety. A stunning book.

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