Considering God's Creation - Complete Set

Considering God's Creation - Complete Set

Considering God's Creation
by Susan Mortimer
Publisher: Eagle's Wings
4th Edition, ©2002, ISBN: 9781931292153
Mixed Media, 397 pages
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Includes the Workbook, Teacher's Manual and a CD. This is a creative biblical approach to teaching natural science, and it can be used nicely for several ages at once, alone or as a supplement.


  • Universe
  • Stars
  • Solar System
  • Earth
  • Light
  • Sound
  • Wind
  • Weather
  • Clouds
  • Rocks
  • Plants
  • Insects
  • Mammals
  • Reptiles
  • Birds
  • Fish
  • Amphibians
  • Food Chains
  • Reproduction and Genetics
  • Human
  • Animal Anatomy
  • Physiology

Maximum Adaptability

". . .this curriculum seems to come closer than any others I can think of for meeting the needs of a home school family that wants a Christian science curriculum that can be used to teach a broad span of grade levels together."
—Cathy Duffy

Minimum Preparation

No need to spend hours researching! Easy-to-follow and comprehensive lesson plans are done for you.

Minimum Cost

Most everything you need comes with this low cost program.

Maximum Results

"This program highlights the intricate wonders of science with fascinating and accurate detail. It sparks a child's curiosity and ignites a life-long eagerness for more."
-A National Geographic writer
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Customer Reviews
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  A Quick Overview of Science
Albanyaloe of South Africa, 6/10/2011
After hearing and reading several rave reviews, I purchased this program. I was a bit disappointed by this item. The best part of it were the worksheets and student text that go with each lesson- they were excellent and original. Lots of hands on cut and paste type activites included, I guess we prefer the real thing. I disliked the cd of music, I just did not find it helpful. Though the book covers a lot of science, it is not in great depth. If you prefer to study slowly and deeply at each topic, I don't think this will work for you. The teacher guide does have a lesson laid out for you but I wanted to teach my children much more content. I did not feel CGC covered each topic sufficiently. Even with the "going deeper" suggestions it was a broad sweep of science. We prefer to study one area more slowly, we go into major detail- so I guess this just is not the right pick for us. This would work if you need to catch up a student with science or if they don't really like the subject. We've found Apologia a good match, as it is packed with detail and goes through each area in great detail. My children were Grade 3 and Grade 1.
  A Nice Introduction To Science Concepts From A Chr
Kirsten Baldwin of Oregon, 10/17/2008
Both of my children, grades 6 and 3 enjoyed this program. The children created a lasting notebook which they often flip through for enjoyment which refreshes the knowledge they gained. You could just as easily use it as an excellent supplement to unit studies. It is a nicely put together curriculum although there are songs mentioned for which we are given no tune and I felt that at times the anti-evolution theory was over stressed almost bringing more focus on it rather than just discrediting it.