Consider The Lilies

Consider The Lilies

A Plea For Creational Theology

by T. M. Moore
Publisher: P&R Publishing
Trade Paperback, 231 pages
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“In the works of his hands God is revealing his glory and grandeur,” writes T. M. Moore. “So powerful, so undeniable can be the sense of God’s self-disclosure, that it is remarkable most people seem to take little notice of these evidences of divine glory.”

How can we perceive and experience God’s grandeur in creation? What does creation tell us about his plans, purposes, truth, or ways? T. M. Moore answers these and other questions in this artful introduction to creational theology, the discovery and celebration of God’s glory through what he has made. Moore helps us develop the skills and disciplines for doing theology as we look upon and interact with the world around us.

"Our technological culture has made it possible for the majority of people in the Western world to navigate through their lives without realizing how embedded they are in the wondrous and manifold created order of the eternal, unbounded Sovereign of the universe. By surrounding ourselves with steel, plastic, and glass and by developing conveniences that render us impervious to the daily rhythms of light and darkness and the seasonal rhythms of heat and cold, we are losing the ability to revel in the marvels of God’s creation. Christianity is an incarnational faith, and T. M. Moore’s original and insightful book calls us back to the childlike wonder and awe that should characterize every follower of Christ.

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