Conrad Elroy, Powder Monkey

Conrad Elroy, Powder Monkey

by Alvin Robert Cunningham
Publisher: Perfection Learning
Hardcover, 48 pages
Current Retail Price: $18.95

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The book begins with an introduction to the Civil War- its causes, the two sides, and the conflict that led to the bloodiest war in America's history. The historical fiction chapters tell the story of Conrad Elroy, a 13-year-old powder monkey for the Union navy. Conrad is aboard the U.S.S. Hartford as it prepares for the Battle of Mobile Bay. It is Conrad's job to supply his gun crew with gunpowder. During the battle, another powder monkey drops his powder cartridge.

In order to save the ship from a powerful explosion, Conrad picks up the flaming cartridge and hurls it into the sea. For this act of bravery, Conrad is awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. The medal, however, is no comfort to Conrad, who lost a friend in the battle. The book's nonfiction chapters detail the role of the navy in the Civil War- the Northern blockade, the Southern blockade-runners, the Confederate commerce raiders, the ironclads, and the Confederate submarines and torpedoes. It also describes the life of a powder monkey and the role these young soldiers played in the war.

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  Educational Children's Book (ages 10-12)
Mort of Streator, Illinois, 4/8/2013
Explains the role that the Union and Confederate navies played in the Civil War and includes the fictitious story of a young U.S. Navy powder monkey caught in the middle of war.
This book contains archival photographs, maps, and drawings. It also includes bolded vocabulary words with a glossary and an index.
Children can identify with the young, main character and learn about an important event in American history at the same time.