Conqueror's Wife

Conqueror's Wife

by Noel B. Gerson (Author)
Publisher: Doubleday & Company
Book Club Edition, ©1957, Item: 74397
Hardcover, 285 pages
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When the beautiful and brilliant Lady Matilda is requested to marry William, the Bastard Duke of Normandy, she refuses - showing sheer will and determination.

William, equally strong-minded, forces her hand in marriage – much to the relief of Matilda’s father, who is keen to peacefully tie Normandy to Flanders.

During the first nine years of their marriage, Matilda dutifully bears William several children.

Yet she is as determined as William to control England – her desire to become Queen of the country being her singlemost ambition.

Fate brings William’s rival to the throne, Earl Harold Godswine, to his castle in Normandy and William sets his own plans to deal with this unusual event.

Matilda, on the other hand, has different ideas on how to deal with Harold and against William’s wishes, proposes them to the Earl.

However, Matilda’s interference backfires with an unexpected turn of events. With this, William and Matilda’s marriage is on the brink of destruction. Their love is tested beyond their means.

Putting their private struggles aside, William and Matilda seek to find a resolution. But there is only one way …

Could Matilda’s meddling in matters have led to the invasion of England?

Reverting back to his former self, the Duke forms an army in preparation of the invasion. He wins the respect of his soldiers and succeeds in creating an army strong in conviction, but not in numbers.

The Duke sets out to recover what is rightfully his …

Matilda starts to see her husband for who he really is...

Can their love survive the turbulence caused by their shared ambition to become the King and Queen of England?

Or will 'The Conqueror's Wife' cause her own downfall?

'A memorable historical drama.' - Robert Foster, best-selling author of 'The Lunar Code'.

Noel Bertram Gerson (1913-1988) was a prolific American author, who wrote 325 books under his own name and under several pseudonyms. He channeled his own wartime experience in military intelligence into many of his novels, as well as writing widely about American history. His titles include ‘Liner’, ‘Daughter of Earth and Water: A Biography of Mary Shelley’, ‘The Great Rogue: A Biography of Captain John Smith’ and ‘I’ll Storm Hell: A Novel of Mad Anthony Wayne’.

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