Concepts of Piano Theory - Level 6

Concepts of Piano Theory - Level 6

by Ron Sadler
Publisher: ReSa Publications
Consumable Workbook, 46 pages
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Includes further study of Dominant Seventh Chords and the three forms of the minor scale. Key Relationships, Secondary Dominants, and the Sonata-Allegro Form are introduced. Concepts and components previously presented are also used on worksheets and Composition Analysis. Also includes reviews, compositional analysis incorporating everything taught, and a test at the end of the book.

Important concepts include:

  • Sharp and Flat Order
  • Tetrachord patterns
  • Circle of Fifths
  • Names of Scale Degrees
  • Cadences in inversions
  • Common tones
  • Relative major and minoe key signatures
  • Three forms of the minor scales
  • Lists of important keyboard composers from the four primary periods
  • Seventh Chords
  • Basic Figured Bass symbols
  • Complete intervals
  • More Terminology and symbols
  • Binary and Ternary form
  • Form and Analysis
  • Modes
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