Complete Adventures of Curious George

Complete Adventures of Curious George

by H. A. Rey, Margret Rey
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Hardcover, 422 pages
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"This is George. He lived in Africa. He was a good little monkey, and always very curious."

With these words, H. A. and Margret Rey introduced the world to Curious George in 1941, and the world has loved him ever since. The tales of this cheerful and resilient little hero have kept generations of readers enthralled and entertained. Now Houghton Mifflin is presenting this special edition of George's best-loved adventures.

With an introduction by critic Leonard Marcus, a retrospective note by publisher Anita Silvey, and a history of the Reys by Dee Jones, curator of the de Grummond Children's Literature Collection, this compilation offers a fun and fascinating portrait of a classic character and his unique creators. The Complete Adventures of Curious George will be treasured by George's many fans, young and old.

This edition includes the seven original Curious George classics:

Plus, it offers:

  • Photo Album of H. A. and Margret Rey
  • Introduction by Leonard Marcus
  • Publisher's Note by Anita Silvey
  • Essay by Dee Jones

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