Complete-A-Sketch Volume 3

Complete-A-Sketch Volume 3


by Melvin Peterman
21 pages
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Complete-A-Sketch Volume 3 is another progression in the series. Although it builds on skills learned in Volumes 1 & 2, neither need to be completed to learn from and enjoy this book. The primary focus of this volume is perspective, or three-dimensional art, of the most realistic variety. Perspective line art is used primarily by people in architectural and art fields.

Like Volumes 1 & 2, the lessons start with the most basic shapes, cubes, cylinders, one point perspective and two point perspectives, etc. After this simple beginning, the difficulty builds and becomes more interesting. The student can quickly gain confidence and build on new skills as he moves on to increasingly more complex sketches.

As this is the most challenging volume in the series, Insight recommends a minimum starting age of 9 or 10. Some students may wish to do only this volume to help them with this specific skill. Older students may wish to move on to Practical Drafting as a next step. Complete-A-Sketch is reproducible for your entire family, so you can use it for all.

A brief explanation of perspectives:

There are many types of perspectives. Perspectives are a useful method for showing depth and detail, similar to the way eyes see. Perspectives are used in all types of presentations; the most common use is in the field of architecture to show a depiction of a home or a building. For further study, see any encyclopedia or general drafting book. Wikipedia offers two articles: one on visual perspective, and one on graphical perspective.

Key Benefits:

  • Teaches by example
  • Hones fine motor skills
  • Teaches attention to detail
  • Life skill
  • Provides basis for all types of precision drawings
  • Minimal instruction required
  • Promotes self-directed learning
  • Reproducible for your family
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