Complete-A-Sketch Volume 2

Complete-A-Sketch Volume 2


by Melvin Peterman
Softcover Textbook, 32 pages
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Complete-A-Sketch Volume 2 is a natural progression from Volume 1, however, the first volume need not be completed to learn from and enjoy this book. Instead of focusing on two dimensional drawings, Volume 2 works on isometric, or three-dimensional, art. Isometric line art is used by people in engineering and architectural fields and is an important skill to have.

Like Volume 1, the lessons start with the most basic shapes: cubes, cylinders, etc. After this simple beginning, the difficulty builds and becomes more interesting. This allows for success and fun. Quickly, the student gains confidence and builds on new skills to move on to increasingly more complex sketches. Volume 3 teaches three-dimensional drawing using perspective.

Insight recommends a minimum starting age of 7 or 8 on this volume, as it is more complicated than the first one. Complete-A-Sketch is reproducible for your entire family, so you can use it for all.

A brief explanation of isometric projections:

Isometric projections are a useful method for showing multiple views of an object to clearly represent even the most complex objects accurately. Isometric projections are used everyday as a method of communicating in sketches, technical drawings, and presentations. Isometric projection is defined as "a projection in which all three faces are equally inclined to the drawing surface so that all the edges are equally foreshortened."

Key Benefits:

  • Teaches by example
  • Hones fine motor skills
  • Teaches attention to detail
  • Life skill
  • Provides basis for all types of precision drawings
  • Minimal instruction required
  • Promotes self-directed learning
  • Reproducible for your family
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