Complete-A-Sketch Volume 1

Complete-A-Sketch Volume 1


by Melvin Peterman
Softcover Textbook, 27 pages
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Complete-A-Sketch Volume 1 is a great place to start! The primary focus of this book is orthographic, or flat two-dimensional, line art. This skill, used every day by many types of people, is a great one to have. Lessons in this volume start with the most basic shapes: squares, circles, etc. In addition, the shapes are named so the shape names can be learned. After this simple beginning, the difficulty builds and becomes more interesting. This allows for success and fun. Quickly, the student gains confidence and builds on new skills to move on to increasingly more complex sketches, and in Volume 2, your student can move on to three-dimensional drawing.

Though not required, this book is a great place for any age group to start, although Insight recommends a minimum of ages 5 or 6 to start. Complete-A-Sketch is reproducible for your entire family, so you can use it for all.

A brief explanation of orthographic projections:

Orthographic projections are two-dimensional representa-tions of an object, and are the most common drawings in engineering. Orthographic drawings clearly show the faces of an object. These drawings can be easily dimensioned so parts and other items can be made or built. Typical orthographic drawings show three views of the object to be described. The faces drawn reflect the faces that fully describe the part. The drawing is not limited to three views. There can be up to six views with auxiliary views to show all faces clearly.

Key Benefits:

  • Teaches by example
  • Hones fine motor skills
  • Teaches attention to detail
  • Life skill
  • Provides basis for all types of precision drawings
  • Minimal instruction required
  • Promotes self-directed learning
  • Reproducible for your family
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