Complete-A-Sketch Vision Dexterity Focus

Complete-A-Sketch Vision Dexterity Focus

by Melvin Peterman
Softcover Textbook, 59 pages
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Developed with input from parents and vision therapy professionals, Vision-Dexterity-Focus is designed to teach technical drawing specifically to the challenged (or young) learner. This book contains 57 project pages, using many of the drawings from volumes one through three of the Complete-A-Sketch series, but it offers some new and unique art as well. The drawings are larger, bolder, and have less fine detail than in the other books, so the student can see the lines and intersections more clearly.

Like the rest of the series, the student learns to draw using a miniature complete picture to guide him in finishing a larger, incomplete one—much like a complex dot-to-dot. This provides a basis for precision drawings of all types and hones fine motor skills. It also teaches attention to detail and allows the student to work on his own. Each drawing can be completed freehand, or a student can use basic tools, such as a straight edge, circle templates, etc.

Because Vision-Dexterity-Focus includes elements from the three volumes, the student will work with three different types of drawings: two-dimensional orthographic views, three-dimensional isometric, and three-dimensional perspective.

Key Benefits:

  • Created specifically to meet vision challenges
  • Hones fine motor skills
  • Teaches by example
  • Life skill
  • Teaches attention to detail
  • Minimal instruction required
  • Provides basis for all types of precision drawings
  • Reproducible for your family
  • Promotes self-directed learning
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  Complete-A-Sketch Vision Dexterity Focus
Ginger C. of Portland, Oregon, 1/12/2011
I have used this curriculum twice, first with my daughter with learning disabilities and then again with my son. Following the recommended directions in not allowing them to erase was key. They learned to follow instructions, and though they both found it extremely frustrating to begin with, they both were able to successfully complete the end project- a train. It follows the same pattern of pictures as the Complete-A-Sketch Volume 1, but gives much more practice with simpler shapes. I would recommend any family use this book instead of Volume 1. I had them go through the book when they were about ten, but it could be used earlier. I used Volume 1 with my older daughter with similar results. Encouraging them to use a ruler and removing the eraser from their pencil was helpful. Continually erasing and starting over is what they wanted to do. Being forced to accept their best and keep working built confidence and skill they never would have achieved if they had kept erasing. They learned to pay attention to details and consider the spacial relationships between objects, to worry less about perfection and more about how the parts relate to each other.