Complete-A-Sketch Technical Art

by Melvin Peterman

The author created these books to introduce his children to and instruct them in the technical side of art. Mel and his wife Lori have a vision for helping home schoolers move beyond education and into the real world. Therefore, the books in this series introduce children to technical drawing, teaching them to draw precisely, recreating what they see using small lines and dots for guidance. Volume 1 starts with basic shapes, and Volumes 2 and 3 work through isometrics and perspective. For students who like the idea, but need something a little easier, Vision-Dexterity-Focus offers pages from all three volumes with slightly less detailed drawings.

Keeping their "real world" vision in mind, the Petermans have also created books on basic drafting, practical graphic design and one on accounting. To learn more about Complete-A-Sketch or their other books, please visit Insight Technical Education or download one of the following brochures:

Complete-A-Sketch 1 & 2 Brochure
Complete-A-Sketch 3 & Vision-Dexterity-Focus Brochure
Practical Drafting Brochure
Practical Graphic Design Brochure
Practical Accounting Fundamentals Brochure

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Practical Graphic Design
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