Comedy of Errors

Comedy of Errors

by William Shakespeare
Publisher: Dover Publications
Mass market paperback, 53 pages
List Price: $3.00 Sale Price: $2.55

Based on a pair of comic dramas from ancient Rome, The Comedy of Errors presents a spectacle of pure farce in the spirit of utmost fun and—as the title suggests—hilarious confusion. Two sets of identical twins provide the basis for ongoing incidents of mistaken identity, within a lively plot of quarrels, arrests, and a grand courtroom denouement. One of Shakespeare's earliest dramatic efforts, the play abounds in his trademark conceits, puns, and other forms of fanciful wordplay. It also foreshadows his later and greater comedies, offering students and scholars a valuable key to the playwright's development.

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FLAWS: Violence, Language, Sexual Innuendo
Summary: Two pairs of twins, mistaken identity, and the imminent threat of death (or marriage) plague these characters' lives.

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