Come Look with Me: Enjoying Art with Children

Come Look with Me: Enjoying Art with Children

by Gladys S. Blizzard
Publisher: Charlesbridge
Hardcover, 32 pages
List Price: $16.95 Our Price: $12.00

COME LOOK WITH ME: Enjoying Art with Children is the first volume in the COME LOOK WITH ME series of interactive art books from Lickle Publishing. Each book in the series introduces children to twelve magnificent works of art. More importantly, they offer a whole new way of encountering any work of art, one that engages the imagination as much as the eye. Well suited for both individual and classroom use, Enjoying Art with Children pairs quality art reproductions with thought-provoking questions, encouraging children to learn through visual exploration and interaction. Thoughtful text introduces the world and work of the artist, making the most of a child’s natural curiosity.

Children are invited to search out the details that bring works of art to life – the tattered sleeve of a street urchin in John Brown’s A Tough Story, and the rosy complexion of a young musician in Renoir’s Two Girls at the Piano.

Drawing from a wide-ranging selection of works of art, from Hans Holbein the Younger’s 16th century portrait of a one-year-old Edward VI, Edward VI as a Child, to Pablo Picasso’s 1938 study of his daughter with a sailor doll, Maya with a Doll, children explore the artwork with lessons in perspective, color, line, and even in the nature of creative freedom.

Engaging and interactive for both children and adults, Lickle Publishing’s COME LOOK WITH ME series celebrated what Mrs. Blizzard called the "pleasure of shared experience."

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