Columbus and the Renaissance Explorers

Columbus and the Renaissance Explorers

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The story of how the European search for a new route to the Far East led to the discovery of the "New World" of the American continent.

The four voyages of Christopher Columbus to the "New World" began the European exploration of the Americas. He had set out to find a new route to the riches of the East, and even after his third and final voyage, he remained convinced that he had reached Asia. Using a wide variety of old and new pictures, this book reveals:

  • The medieval view of the world and why a new route to Asia was needed
  • Columbus's search for a rich patron to pay for his expedition
  • Preparations for his journey
  • The voyage across the Atlantic and the sighting of land
  • His second, third and final voyages

    There were many other attempts to reach Asia by sea.


  • Vasco da Gama's voyage around the tip of southern Africa
  • The civilizations of Africa and India encountered by da Gama
  • Explorers sailing around the frozen wastes of northern Canada and Russia
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