Colonization of the Moon

Colonization of the Moon

by D. S. Halacy
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Hardcover, 159 pages
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In our time the moon has become a new frontier. Just as the New World was man's destiny in the time of Columbus, our destiny now is the moon. When and to what extent will men from earth colonize the moon? Dr. Werner von Braun has said that we will have large colonies there within thirty-five years. The question is no longer can man colonize the moon, but will he?

In this carefully researched book, Mr. Halacy deals briefly with man's efforts to reach the moon, and discusses thoroughly the technology required to overcome the difficulties of the moon's environment, making it possible for man to live there. Most important is a discussion of the potential uses of the moon—for mining, manufacturing, and testing sites, as an observatory of earth and of the universe, and finally as a stepping-stone to deeper space.

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