College without Compromise

College without Compromise

An Encouraging Guide to Starting Early, Finishing Economically, and Protecting Your Homeschool Vision

by R. C. Sproul Jr. (Foreword)
Publisher: Homeschool Sampler
Trade Paperback, 195 pages
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Has your homeschooling family been wondering what to do about college? Will you be able to afford it? Is there hope that your child might avoid today's unprotected, and often impure, higher education environment? Is there anything that can be done while your child is still high school age to begin accumulating college credits?

College Without Compromise describes in detail a wonderful new approach to the homeschool high school years that then flows seamlessly to a condensed and affordable college degree, fitting beautifully into the home education lifestyle you desire to protect. With this "independent study" method, there is no need to worry about the tough high school courses, transcripts, placement tests, college dorms, liberal professors, and the tremendous financial burden of a traditional path. Our loving God continues to open doors for His children!

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