Coffee Table Books

There are three types of book in the world: the kind you read, the kind you show off with, and the kind that no one can resist picking up and thumbing through just for the fun of it. Coffee table books fall into the third category, and are basically picture books for adults that may or may not be informative and educational.

The best ones, in fact, have a lot more pictures than text. Coffee table books are those big volumes that have their own "oversize" shelf at the library, and take you on a visual tour of China, or show how babies grow in the womb, or just present a bunch of photographs of boats or mountains or vintage radios.

Whatever your interests, there's probably a coffee table book about it. The nature and geography ones are generally some of the best (who doesn't want to see what some obscure Nepalese village looks like?), but there are so many directions you could go here we'll just shut up now and let you browse our selection, humble though it be.

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Castles and Fortresses
by Robin S. Oggins
from MetroBooks
for 5th-Adult
in Oversized History Books (Location: HISW-OVER)
$7.00 (1 in stock)
Charlton Heston Presents: The Bible
by Charlton Heston, Tom Robotham
from GT Publishing
in Art History & Appreciation (Location: ELE-ARTHIS)
$5.00 (2 in stock)
Encylopedia of Underwater Life
by Andrew Campbell and John Dawes
from Oxford University
for 5th-Adult
in Oceanography & Marine Biology (Location: SCI-OCEAN)
$20.00 (1 in stock)
From Conception to Birth
by Alexander Tsiaras
1st edition from Doubleday & Company
in Pregnancy & Infant Care (Location: PRE-INF)
$18.00 (1 in stock)
Galapagos Islands
by Georgia Purdom
from Master Books
for 8th-Adult
in Faith & Science (Location: XAP-SCI)
Grand Canyon
by Tom Vail
from Master Books
for 5th-Adult
in Geology (Rocks & Minerals) (Location: SCI-GEO)
Smithsonian World War I
Centenary Edition from DK Publishing
for 7th-Adult
in World War I (1914-1919) (Location: HISA-20WW1)
$28.00 (1 in stock)
Smithsonian World War I
Centenary Edition from DK Publishing
for 7th-Adult
in Oversized History Books (Location: HISW-OVER)
$28.00 (1 in stock)
The War: An Intimate History 1941-1945
by Ken Burns & Geoffrey C. Ward
1st edition from Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.
for 7th-12th grade
$24.00 (1 in stock)
Wonder of it All
from New Leaf Press
for 3rd-Adult
$8.00 (1 in stock)