Code of the Woosters

Code of the Woosters

by P. G. Wodehouse, Alexander Cockburn (Introduction)
Trade Paperback, 254 pages
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P. G. Wodehouse's best-loved creation by far is the master-servant team of Bertie Wooster, the likable nitwit, and Jeeves, his effortlessly superior valet and protector. This unlikely duo is as famous as Holmes and Watson, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, and Tracy and Hepburn, but they have their own very special inimitable charm. According to Walter Clemons, Newsweek, "They are at their best in The Code of the Woosters," in which Bertie is rescued from his bumbling escapades time and time again by that gentleman's gentleman: Jeeves.

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Summary: As usual, Bertie Wooster is buffeted about by Aunt Dahlia and a woman who loves him more than he loves her, and Jeeves stands by to extricate his employer.

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