Clues to Comprehension, Grades 1-2

Clues to Comprehension, Grades 1-2

Trade Paperback, 144 pages
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In Clues to Comprehension, Grades 1–2, the mystery items on the posters come from categories that range from “nursery rhyme characters” and “community helpers” to “places in the community,” “animals,” and more.

The lessons include:

  • 13- “Who Am I?” posters and student pages
  • 14- “Where Am I?” posters and student pages
  • 13- “What Am I?” posters and student pages

The teacher lesson pages take you step by step through the following sections:

  • Use Picture Clues—how to work with the non-text clues provided in the illustrations, encouraging students to focus on the illustration and to use logic and deductive reasoning to support their hypotheses.
  • Use Text Clues—students form and revise hypotheses as they read and think about each new clue.
  • Confirm Solutions and Share Information—students share what they know about the subject under discussion.
  • Build Vocabulary and Concepts—this section presents various types of graphic organizers and guides the teacher to use “think-alouds” to help students organize, interpret, and understand information.
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