Clouds Ye So Much Dread

Clouds Ye So Much Dread

Hard Times and the Kindness of God

by Hannah Grieser, N. D. Wilson (Foreword)
Publisher: Canon Press
230 pages
Price: $16.00
"It's true that this book is about me. (It's hard to avoid that when writing stories from my own life.) But this is also a book about trials big and small—about cancer, about suffering, about death—and especially about the temptation to fear. Sounds like a real downer, I know. But let me assure you that, while these frightful things are the reason for this book, none of them is the point of this book. The real point is God Himself and the comfort that His fearful and afflicted children can find only by trusting Him." -Hannah K. Grieser, from the Preface

The Clouds Ye So Much Dread is a beautiful blend of memoir, theology, meditation, and storytelling. Each of these chapters—from dreading the birth of her first child, to living in unfamiliar and dangerous places, to facing the news that her son had been diagnosed with cancer—describes the stories through which Hannah K. Grieser has come to see that hard or uncertain circumstances, rather than being cause for doubt and dread, can instead become the unasked-for means that our loving Father uses to turn us toward Him and to show us His faithfulness.

Told in Hannah's graceful yet punchy prose, the reflections in this powerful book will challenge readers to revisit their own hard times and see how God can take the storms that we most fear and turn them into downpours of blessings.

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