CLEP Professor for Biology

CLEP Professor for Biology

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CLEP ProfessorBiology contains a diagnostic test, 20 lessons with over 200 practice problems plus video solutions, and 4 computer-based practice exams (2 CLEP, 2 AP) with video solutions. Students take the diagnostic test to determine which lessons they should watch. Next, they take their first practice exam. Exams are computer-based and provide instant results, but the APexams have a section that must be completed on paper. Students watch the video solutions for detailed explanations on what they missed. Each exam video solution is cross-referenced back to the lesson where the problem was taught, allowing the student to easily review concepts. Students review missed problems, then take another practiceexam.Upon completion of the CLEPProfessor course, students should easily pass the CLEP or APBiology exam!

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All CLEP Professor courses aretaught from a Christian worldview that acknowledges God as creator, accepting by faith His word that the earth and all life were created in 6, 24 hour days. This biblical truth is in contrast to the evolutionism presented on CLEPand APexams. Dr. Shormann teaches the evolutionary concepts and helpsstudents understand why evolution is not science, but is nothing more than speculation about past events.

During the Spring of 2009, Dr. Shormann devoted many hours to helping improve the way evolution is taught in Texas public schools. Texas is now considered to have the nation's best science standards for teaching evolution in a critical and un-dogmatc way. Dr. Shormann applied what he learnedduring this time to the CLEPProfessorBiology course,so students who use thiscourse will be well prepared to think critically about evolutionism and creationism.

Prerequisite is completion of High School Biology, and DIVE Biology is recommended, because it contains the twelve lab activities recommended by the College Board's AP program. Information from these lab activities is presented on the CLEPand AP Biology exams. The CLEP and APBiology exams cover material normally taught in a two-semester collegebiology course. Students pursuing a non-science college major should consider CLEP Biology, while science and engineering students should consider the AP Biology Exam. Please contact your local high school, college or university for AP testing dates (AP Exams are usually only administered twice per year, while CLEP exams can be taken year-round).

If you have not completed High School Biology, we recommend you complete our DIVE Biology course which teaches High School Biology.

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