Cleared for Action!

Cleared for Action!

Four Tales of the Sea

by Stephen W. Meader, Frank Beaudouin (Illustrator), Edward Shenton (Illustrator), 2 othersJohn O'Hara II Cosgrave (Illustrator), Victor Mays (Illustrator)
Publisher: Bethlehem Books
Trade Paperback, 639 pages
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Historical Setting: New England, 1812-1865 A. D.

Stephen W. Meader, master storyteller, takes the reader in four separate books across fifty years of American life upon the sea.

Clear for Action!

Illustrated by Frank Beaudouin
Setting: 1812—Shinnequid, Maine

Readers "from ten up will gallop through this one . . . All the proper ingredients are there—the war of 1812, two New England boys impressed from a cargo schooner into a British frigate, their escape to an uninhabited Caribbean island, buried treasure, countless battles at sea, their safe return." — New Yorker, 1940

Whaler 'Round the Horn

Illustrated by Edward Shenton
Setting: 1850—Durham, New Hampshire

"This book does three things of great value: It gives a vivid account of the old whaling industry; it relates a thrilling voyage round the Horn; and it pictures the native Hawaiian life." — Howard Pease, New York Times, 1950

Voyage of the Javelin

Illustrated by John O'Hara Cosgrave II
Setting: 1854—Portsmouth, New Hampshire

"Meader is well versed in nautical matters and the book is rich in accurate information about the old square-riggers [clipper ships] and how they were handled. This story . . . is jam-packed with hair-breadth-do-or-die adventures. . . Illustrated generously by John O'Hara Cosgrave II, whose drawings are carefully correct in every detail." — E. B. Hungerford, Springfield Republican, 1959

Phantom of the Blockade

Illustrated by Victor Mays
1865—Wilmington, North Carolina

"Life aboard a Confederate blockade runner was dangerous, exciting, and, if one survived it, profitable . . . Told with all the skill and accuracy of an expert in the field of historical fiction, this tale of daring in the face of approaching defeat is sound history as well as thrilling reading." — Harcourt, Brace and World, Inc.

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