Classical Composition Book V - Teacher Guide

Classical Composition Book V - Teacher Guide

Common Topic

by James A. Selby
Publisher: Memoria Press
2nd Edition, ©2014, Publisher Catalog #C-006t
Softcover Teacher Guide / Answer Key, 112 pages
Price: $29.95

This set of exercises, Common Topic, is more difficult to categorize by modern composition theory, but would likely fall under the descriptive essay. The students are learning how to amplify evil attributes. They will use all of the previous skills learned in the exercises—narrative, expository, and argumentative—but must now apply those skills in a more creative and natural way than the previous stages. The Common Topic exercises look more like an "essay."

Key Benefits

  • Review of skills mastered in previous stages
  • Student delights in verbal riposte
  • Allows for innovative expression


  • Arrangement of argumentative composition
  • Write an argumentative introductory paragraph
  • Create multiple quality debate or essay points
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