Classical Composition Book I - Student Guide

Classical Composition Book I - Student Guide

Fables Stage

Publisher: Memoria Press
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Have you been looking for a composition program that incorporates the classical approach? Well, we've got something even better: Memoria Press' new Classical Composition program, written by James Selby, doesn't just incorporate the classical approach, it is the classical approach. Going back to the method of writing instruction used for over 2,000 years, Classical Composition teaches the student 14 composition skills, called the progymnasmata, a set of elementary rhetorical exercises that formed the basis of persuasive writing. This approach was used to teach writing by Quintilian and Cicero, and produced writers such as Milton, Shakespeare, and Benjamin Franklin. The first book in the series of nine books is now available: Classical Composition: Fable Stage, which teaches the first of the 14 exercises.

*Classical Composition can be studied at a slow pace as early as 4th grade and at an accelerated pace in high school.

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