Classical Acts and Facts Science Cards: Famous Scientists

Classical Acts and Facts Science Cards: Famous Scientists

2nd Edition, ©2018, Publisher Catalog #FS435
Price: $22.99

Each of the Classical Conversations science card sets include 31 cards (numbered consecutively from 1-124 throughout the series) offering "pegs" on which kids can "hang" more information as they research and learn. Made from sturdy glossy cardstock, every card features a full-color image and title denoting the topic on one side, and in-depth explanation on the other side. These sets are reused every four years, so kids are encouraged to memorize titles first, and familiarize themselves with the explanations later.

In the righthand corner of the front of each card, a color and subject heading denote the topic covered on that card. There are nine designations, which include biology, geology, ecology, astronomy, physics, chemistry, origins, anatomy, and famous scientists. Kids can play games with these cards, use them to facilitate further study, or use them in any way you come up with to supplement or guide science learning. These are Christian in orientation, so origins are approached from a Creationist perspective.

Topics covered in Classical Conversations Famous Scientists - Science Cards include atomic numbers and the elements, Marie Curie and the discovery of radioactivity, the periodic table, uniformitarianism, and irreducible complexity. Artwork includes tables, portraits of scientists, diagrams, and photographs. Questions of origins are generally presented in terms of evolutionary theory vs. intelligent design, leaving it up to parents to discuss ideology with their kids.

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