Classical Acts and Facts History Cards: Medieval World

Classical Acts and Facts History Cards: Medieval World

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Each of the Classical Conversations history card sets include 42 cards (numbered consecutively from 1-168 throughout the series) offering timeline "pegs" on which kids can "hang" more information as they research and learn. Made from sturdy glossy cardstock, every card features a famous full color work of art and title denoting the events covered on one side, and in-depth explanation on the other side. These sets will be reused every four years, so kids are encouraged to memorize titles first, then to familiarize themselves with the explanations on the back.

In the right-hand corner of the front of each card, a color and symbol denote the era in which the events or historical figures on that card transpired and/or lived. There are several of these designations, which subdivide the four main eras: Ancient World, Medieval World, New World, and Modern World. On the back left sidebar of each card is a timeline with a mark showing where the information on that card falls. Kids can make timelines on the wall, play games with these cards, use them to facilitate further study, or be used in any way families can come up with to supplement or guide history learning. Christian events and people are emphasized.

The Classical Conversations Medieval World - History Cards take up immediately where the Classical Conversations Ancient World - History Cards leave off. The first card is about Jesus of Nazareth; the actual Middle Ages period doesn't begin until the 12th card in the series (card #54), making the designation "Medieval World" not entirely accurate. Topics include Islam, the Vikings, King Alfred, important Christian saints of the Medieval period, several wars, important architecture, and the Black Death. Artwork includes photos, stained-glass images, and lots of paintings.

Medieval World includes cards 43-84.


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